As the leading child care staffing firm, with the largest pool of substitutes available, ChildCare Careers (CCC) can meet your short & long-term substitute and permanent teacher needs, better than anyone else - in most cases within a few hours.
CCC Recruiters are fully trained on all state licensing requirements and all of our substitute teachers undergo rigorous screening and evaluation before being hired. While the details vary from state to state, our teachers always meet or exceed state licensing requirements and carry the documentation to prove it with them on every assignment.
CCC caters to programs ranging from infant centers to kindergartens needing directors, teachers, assistant teachers and teacher’s aides. CCC serves thousands of educational facilities of all kinds - public, private, parochial, county-funded, state-funded or federally-funded - every day.
With 20 regional offices throughout California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas, CCC is ideally suited to provide you the staff you need. Call us to learn how to register and try our services! It is absolutely FREE to sign up and there is no obligation to use our services. Pay only when you place an order.
Temporary Placements
CCC can provide you with any number of temporary employees for any period of time, from four hours to many months. We have the largest pool of qualified substitutes - typically, CCC can respond within hours after receiving your order.  We bill by the hour and you only pay for the hours that the temporary employee is actually at your center.  Call now to get our current hourly rates.
Permanent Placements
CCC also provides permanent employees for its customers. Based on your requirements, CCC’s experienced Placement Coordinators search and screen from a large pool of employees and identify 2-3 top candidates for you to interview and select. This will allow you to complete the search process much faster than otherwise possible, typically in a few days. Hence, you will save literally hundreds of dollars in advertising expense and many hours of effort in finding and qualifying candidates.
ChildCare Careers’ placement fees are very competitive. You can pay for a permanent placement in one of two ways: by paying a one-time, placement fee before the employee goes on your payroll, or by committing to a temp-to-perm conversion program, whereby you commit to using the employee as a ChildCare Careers substitute for a period of time before they go on your payroll.
Why CCC?
Signing up with CCC is free and there is no obligation - you pay only for what you use. Try CCC and see how we can help solve one of your biggest headaches as an owner or a school director.
If any of the following situations seem familiar to you, your troubles could be over with one call:
  One of your employees calls in sick that morning
  A planned vacation is coming up for an employee
  An employee's pregnancy leave is approaching
  An employee has an emergency family issue and can't come to work
  You would like to send one of your employees for training for a day or two
  One or more of your employees leave unexpectedly
You want to add on more staff, but would like to first observe their performance before making a long-term commitment
You urgently need to hire people, but can not afford the time and expense of placing ads, interviewing candidates, and waiting for background check results
How we qualify teachers?
CCC has extensive experience providing quality personnel to literally thousands of different child care providers and after school programs. Our client list includes many large, multi-site providers and many large municipal, county and school district programs.
All CCC substitutes undergo rigorous screening and evaluation before being hired and all of them meet or exceed state licensing requirements. You will never have to worry about being out of compliance.
In all cases CCC recruiters:
  Interview the applicant in person
  Require official, original transcripts with a school seal
  Verify their diplomas by calling their educational institution(s)
  Conduct a full criminal background check as required by each state
  Require a recent Tuberculosis test
  Require professional references
  Require a notarized criminal history affidavit (where applicable)
  Have the applicant complete an immunization verification (where applicable)
  Require a health screening process to be completed (where applicable)
In addition to the above rigorous screening, all applicants must pass two skill assessment exams in order to be placed in our pool of substitutes. Finally, successful applicants are given thorough orientation training.
Also, as standard practice, all of our substitutes are required to carry with them to every assignment a file with all of the necessary documents to prove they fully satisfy all licensing requirements.
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  Dependable access to on-demand child care staff eliminates one of your biggest worries.
Don’t waste your energy and resources anymore finding quality child care personnel  
    Avoid all the expenses of advertising for open positions  
    Easily stay in compliance with staff-to-student ratios  
    Easily adjust the size of your staff to match fluctuating enrollment  
    Avoid administrative and payroll headaches  
    Switch-out under-performing staff with ease  
    Avoid having to sub in the classroom yourself  
    Reduce turnover by not overworking your staff  
Evaluate teachers on a temporary basis, then decide who you want to hire permanently  
    Save on payroll taxes, workers’ compensation and benefits costs  
Don’t forget!
No obligation • No taxes • No hidden fees • FREE to join
• Pay only for what you use
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